5 Tips When Preparing for a Bathroom Remodel

a bathroom with a sink and a bathtub

You’ve been talking about it for ages, and it’s finally time for your big bathroom remodel. You’re excited to start the process, of course, but you’re also feeling a bit overwhelmed. After all, a lot goes into a remodel like this. From choosing the right people to hire for the project to having contingency plans in place for what might go wrong along the way, you have to plan and adapt through the process to get the best results in terms of your final space.

1. Find the right professionals.


To make the most of your bathroom remodel, you want to ensure that you have the best people on your team from the start. For someone in southwest Wisconsin, this might involve researching bathroom remodeling in Milwaukee and finding the best-reviewed experts in the field. Some people may prefer to ask around and see who friends and family might recommend. In any case, the right contractor and the team around them can make or break your final product.

2. Envision your ideal space.


When you set out to remodel your bathroom, it’s likely because something about your current space isn’t meeting your needs. However, this doesn’t mean that you necessarily know what you’re looking for in your new bathroom. Before you set out to renovate your current space, take the time to figure out what you want from that remodel. Are you hoping to emulate a specific aesthetic of feeling in the room?

Maybe you saw someone else’s cozy bathroom on social media and want to embrace a similar style with your fixtures and furnishings. By taking the time to figure out just what you’re looking for before you start, you’ll be better able to communicate those hopes to your contractor and, by extension, more likely to have a final product you’re happy with.

3. Have a plan in place.


When you begin the remodeling process, it may be with high hopes. However, it’s still very possible that the process will come with some pitfalls. For example, maybe your water needs to be shut off for the period of renovation. If that is the case, have you arranged for water bottle delivery to ensure you have clean drinking water and something to use for brushing your teeth or washing dishes? If something goes wrong, do you have a contingency plan in place to avoid a bad situation worsening? Make sure that you’re focusing on not just your ideal outcomes but how you’ll handle any challenges that arise along the way.

4. Create a budget.


You have a plan in place, but have you figured out just how you will pay for it? By working out a budget in advance, you will know what you can afford and how you can bring your dream space to life. Knowing in advance what you have to spend, you’ll be less likely to fall in love with a particular bathtub, toilet, flooring, or faucet that’s far beyond your price range—and more likely to find an equally attractive option that you can afford.

5. Look forward to your new bathroom.


Despite the stress of planning and going through the remodel itself, the prospect of a new space is pretty exciting. As you await your brand new space, take some time to imagine yourself taking full advantage of your luxurious new bathroom. Maybe you can’t wait to take a bath once your new tub is installed, or you’re looking forward to better water pressure in your new shower. By keeping this vision in mind, you can’t help but see the light at the end of the tunnel, even when the going gets tough.

However stressful your remodel may-be, there’s a silver lining to come: your brand new bathroom. When you first start planning your renovation, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all that’s ahead and everything that could go wrong along the way. However, with the proper preparation and planning you can ensure that you have exactly the space you’re dreaming of, with minimal stress in the process.

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