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Isla Leighton is the inspiration and creativity behind the style, home, and lifestyle community of Rock Salt Plum. Originally based in Prague, the now Boston-based writer and style expert fuses classic and modern styles – in fashion, home decor, and beauty – which is exemplified in her everyday personal style, décor, and inspirational travel experiences. Her synthesized and achievable approach to lifestyle and culture is what has resonated with readers for years.

Rock Salt Plum officially launched in 2018, but like all great content resources, there is a world full of inspiration behind the scenes. We have a talented team of writers, stylists, and creatives who provide our readers with information, guides, and tips to empower themselves to infuse more inspiration and style within their own lives. Our community and staff offers the latest news on trends and styles in topics you love, such as home decor, travel, wellness, and personal growth.
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“Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside.”
  —  Coco Chanel

Isla Leighton is the Founder & Editor behind Rock Salt Plum, a digital community curated to deliver an accessible yet sophisticated lifestyle standard. The inspiration behind the brand’s creative drive and style influence is mirrored in Isla’s day-to-day experiences and passion for beautiful design, personal growth, and elegant lifestyle content.

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