How to Up Your Accessory Game in 2021

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Accessorizing is a way to spice up your outfits by integrating smaller pieces, like jewelry and shoes, into your daily look. Most fashion accessories are bits that can often serve as a practical item but can also be chosen to complement the rest of an outfit. Many would call these choice accessories the finishing touch. The act of accessorizing permits you to add new energy to your closet. Here are just a few ways you can improve your game this year.

Shine, Shine, Shine

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to jazz up your neckline or ears with a few diamonds or other gems. A good statement necklace can really bring a boring outfit together. If you aren’t looking to break the bank, why not research and look at Agape reviews? The idea of synthetic diamonds has grown in popularity, thanks to the fact that they don’t damage the environment, and “Agape” means love, so it makes sense that you would want to embrace these items.

Many of the jewelry items represent the seller’s respect for the environment. You can often find creative designs that represent your beliefs and make you shine anew. Adding a statement piece is a great way to add to your jewelry box collection, especially if, like most of us, you only have one nice pair of earrings in there.

Don’t forget your fingers.

Nail art has become one of the most popular beauty pastimes you can perform at home, thanks to the worldwide pandemic. Gel manicure, false nails, stick on nail design, and dips are all the rage, and once you practice a little and pick your length, it’s easy to master the technique.

Once you become used to a good routine or a salon, a manicure habit is hard to break, and why should you if it makes you feel better about yourself? You can paint your nails in all types of colors to work with all four seasons. While acrylic nails used to be all the rage in the 90s, now it’s all about the artwork. Decorating your nails also allows you to present your creative side. Some would argue that painting your nails is a great stress reliever since it forces you to concentrate on the project ahead and doesn’t allow you to think about a negative thought. We recommend adding a little glitter to your fingers since summer is right around the corner.

Bag Power

Never underestimate the power of a good purse since it can be used both as a self-defense weapon and to tie a whole outfit together. Gone are the days when a woman was expected to use one large bag; now, we can switch it up from a great handle top to a quick clutch in the blink of the eye. Naturally, different bags are appropriate for different occasions, but a good investment idea is to think about buying one designer handbag. By choosing to splurge on one nice bag, you’ll be promised years of return out of it. Purses vary by style, color, and size, but you’ll have no problem finding the perfect match for you.

Do it up.

Hair has come a long way from the teasing of the 80s and the crimping of the 90s. If you feel that your hairstyle is a bit lackluster, why not try adding a cute hair clip? There are so many choices out there, like pearls or an oversized clip, that you just can’t go wrong.

Even if you just take one tip from here, you will see a difference in your closet staples right away. It won’t be long before you’re strutting your stuff up the sidewalk feeling more confident. Soon, your friends will be asking you for fashion advice!

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