How to Pack for Luxury Vacations

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If you’ve been dreaming of the perfect luxury vacation, you’re not alone. Whether you’re picturing yourself lounging in the Bairro Alto neighborhood of Lisbon, or you’re imagining drifting down the Tagus River, it’s easy to get swept up in its promise. Some of the best places on the planet are ripe for exploration and a fun time.

Regardless of whether you’re traveling for a corporate event, or you and your best friend are planning a stag or hen party, you need to pack effectively. Otherwise, your luxury surf escapade might not be as lush and relaxing.

Consider the type of activities.

The best way to decide how to pack is to consider both your surroundings and your itinerary. If you’re headed to a corporate event, you’ll want to pack business attire and a cocktail outfit or two. For a wedding, you’ll need formal attire, especially if you’re the maid of honor, or are responsible for hosting a bachelor party. If you’re going on a boat tour, you’ll want to scout out the weather ahead of time or your pleasant boat trip could turn into a soggy nightmare, even if it’s a booze cruise.

Say you’re throwing a hen party in Portugal for your best friend who’s the bride-to-be. You know she likes water activities and is thinking about a boat party. While an average hen weekend should be a raucous time, you also know you need to pack accordingly. If you’re thinking of taking a large group on a booze cruise, you’ll likely want to choose a weekend with a sunny forecast so that you can pack resort outfits. If the forecast in Lisbon or Porto looks overcast, you’ll want to pack appropriate layers so that you can stay warm while you party.

It’s not all about the outfits.

While your wardrobe is a major component of any fabulous holiday abroad, you not only want to look great but also smell great too. Depending on whether or not you’re flying, it may be difficult to bring your fragrances along. However, you absolutely have to bring your favorite perfume or scent. Whether you’re exploring beautiful Lisbon or you’re walking around old town Paris, you should complement your runway-ready outfit with some Christian Audigier perfume or another scent of your choice. When you’re booking your luxury getaway, you should make sure that there are no travel restrictions on your perfumes.

There are a few different options to consider. If you’re flying, you could bring a sample size scent along with you on board the plane. Just make sure the packaging won’t spill in your carry-on. Otherwise, you may want to take a look at the duty-free before you board. Keep in mind that airport shops may be stocked with Ed Hardy brand scents as opposed to the beautiful perfumes of a Christian Audigier fragrance. If you’re not traveling internationally, you can pack whichever perfumes you think would best suit your trip. Whether it’s a private event or an all-out bash, it’s always a good thing to have the right perfumes on hand.

Be both practical and stylish.

What’s a luxury vacation without a little bit of luxury? Even if you’re traveling for a bombastic hen weekend, you’ll still want to make sure you’re dressed to impress. You’ll want all of the clothes you pack to be both functional and classy. Even if you’re on a boat trip, you don’t have to settle for a simple bikini. Pair it with a flowing sarong and some strappy gladiator heels, so you can show off your stylish side.

Packing for a luxury vacation can be stressful, to say the least. But by following some key tips, you make it that much easier to set off in style.

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