5 Health and Beauty Trends For 2021

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At the start of 2020, few of us would’ve guessed that the top beauty and health trends would be facemasks, tracksuits, and telehealth. That being said, 2020 was a special kind of year—it taught us how to be more self-sufficient with our beauty routines. Just think of all those great and not-so-great at-home gel manis when hair and nail salons closed. It was also the year that made us re-think what a trip to a doctor or therapist’s office looks like.

Now, as we welcome (albeit provisionally) all the different innovations in health and beauty that 2021 has already started to give us, one question remains. What trends are worth keeping up with? Below, we answer this question by exploring four major trends in health and beauty that you should be following.

1. Vave’s Wireless Ultrasound

Chances are, when you think of a medical ultrasound imaging machine, what comes to mind is a bulky device that needs a wheeled cart to push it around. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. These days, Vave’s new handheld ultrasound machine provides a simpler alternative to the traditional ultrasound machine. Vave’s handheld probe is small enough to fit in your pocket. What’s more, you can also pair it with your smartphone to get high-image-quality scans sent directly to your phone. Vave Health’s wireless ultra sound kit is the invention of Dr. Amin Nikoozadeh. This handheld ultrasound kit was designed to create an accessible medicine assistance tool that is both affordable and accessible.

2. Financial Aid for Cancer Patients


Receiving a cancer diagnosis is a layered and heartbreaking experience. This is because expensive cancer treatments, the toll that these treatments take on the individual’s health, and the out-of-pocket costs involved can make daily life more than difficult. A cancer diagnosis is life-changing, and your main focus should be your health. In most cases though, this may feel impossible especially when you have mounting medical bills and, as a result, financial challenges to worry about.

These days, a number of financial assistance programs exist to help cancer patients cover their medical expenses and other bills that are associated with their cancer treatment. The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, CancerCare, the American Cancer Society, pharmaceutical patient assistance programs, the Ronald McDonald House, and the American Life Fund are some of the support services that provide financial assistance for cancer patients.

American Life Fund offers viatical settlements to terminally ill patients. A viatical settlement allows a chronically ill patient to sell their life insurance policy to a third party, in return for a lump sum cash payout. The payout from this settlement can then be used to offset medical bills, purchase prescription drugs, pay for home care, and take care of other health needs. If your health insurance coverage doesn’t cover the cost of all your cancer treatments, or if it offers limited financial assistance, American Life Fund can help.

Going through cancer treatment is gruesome, and most patients want a family member close by for support. However, if the treatment center is out of state, for instance, the family member will have to find lodging nearby, which is often expensive. Understanding this need, the Ronald McDonald House is a non-profit organization that offers families subsidized accommodation from as low as $25 per night. In dire cases, they can offer full financial support for families who can’t afford to pay.

The American Cancer Society is a nationwide non-profit that educates the masses on early detection of the different types of cancer (breast cancer, leukemia) cancer. Its financial assistance arm offers patients free hospital rides, affordable housing near the treatment facilities, and can also help people find additional financial resources in their communities.

3. Home Gel Nail Kits


There’s something about getting a manicure that instantly boosts your mood. However, the global Covid-19 containment measures have made it so that we now have to give DIY manicures a try. I’m sure you’ve had an at-home regular manicure that had you desperately missing your beautician. You know the saying, “a bad workman blames his tools,” but what if we told you that the only thing that’s making your at-home manicure a thing of mess is the quality of your gel nail kit?

Gel nails are growing in popularity and for good reason. Besides lasting twice as long as a regular manicure, gel nail polish is also a great way to minimize nail salon appointments and put some money back into your wallet. At present, there’s a ton of at-home gel manicure kits that peddle the promise of a “salon look” from the comfort of your home. While these at home gel nails and gel mani kits are only now beginning to saturate the market, we recommend the ManiMe custom-fit stick-on gel kit for its ease of use and the quality of the manicured gel nails you’ll achieve.

4. Houseplant Delivery Services


A study by Texas A&M found that plants can create a calming environment that improves your memory and accuracy, especially if you’re working in their presence. Ever heard of a better case for adding some houseplants to your work from home set-up? If you’ve never cared for a plant before, worry about not having a green thumb, or simply lack the time to get to your local nursery a plant delivery service can step in and have your plants delivered.

Most houseplants are easy to care for, and you can find a plant that suits even the smallest spaces. Working with a plant delivery service like the Lively Root is great because they understand the benefits of keeping houseplants. As you make your order, they will provide expert advice and inspiration to help you cultivate your small indoor garden. They only sell eco-friendly plants grown from seedlings and shipped fresh from their nursery. Each new plant also has care instructions attached to them, so you needn’t worry about killing any plants.

Covid-19 changed the health and beauty industry in unforeseeable ways. However, the innovations that it brought with it have made have increased health and beauty equity by making most of these services available from home. As we glide along 2021, let’s try to keep an open mind and embrace these innovations where possible.

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