Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for Your Los Angeles Home

A bathroom remodeling project is one of the first home improvement projects that any homeowner starts. Your bathroom is where you start every morning, whether you’re going to work, headed out on vacation, or getting ready for a significant milestone in your life. No matter what your day holds, it starts in the bathroom. So, it only makes sense that this should be the first room you customize and upgrade in the house. There is no end to potential ideas when planning a bathroom remodel for your Los Angeles home. Today, we’ll cover some of our top bathroom remodeling ideas for your Los Angeles home.

Upgrade your shower for ultimate comfort.


Many people consider starting with the vanity or sinks. However, a Los Angeles replacement shower can drastically improve the comfort level of your bathroom. After all, the shower is where you spend most of your time, other than the bathroom mirror, preparing for your day. So, if you feel like your shower is a touch too small, consider expanding. Furthermore, you can include newer, slip-resistant tiles to make the shower even safer. As a result, you’ll feel better, avoid accidents, and enjoy the new look of your bathroom with a new shower installation.

You can never have enough storage space.


There is never enough room for all of our stuff in the bathroom, especially when we share it with our significant other. However, the good news is that there are countless ways to improve the storage space in your bathroom. Even if you have a small bathroom, a double vanity is an excellent way to add storage space with additional counter space and under-the-sink storage while making room for your significant other to get ready in the mornings with you. With a double vanity upgrade during your remodeling project, you’ll not only increase the storage space but also save time by eliminating the need to wait your turn to use the mirror. If that’s still not enough storage, consider adding an upright cabinet as a linen closet for towels and other toiletries.

If you want to add storage with the vanity but have no need for a double vanity, consider adding a floating vanity with under-the-sink cabinets. This way, you’ll have the cabinet space under your sink and some additional space under the vanity itself. So, when planning your bathroom remodeling project, consider adding some storage space to make your bathroom more organized.

Brighten the bathroom with natural light.


When most people think of a bathroom remodel, they don’t consider adding a window. Many people think of a window in the bathroom as an invitation for peeping Toms to spy during their private time. However, a bathroom window doesn’t have to be in a location that exposes your unmentionables, nor does it need to be crystal-clear.

Consider a small, rectangular window near the ceiling if you want a clear window in the bathroom to let in some natural light. With a small window higher on the wall, you can have your natural light without the risk of someone seeing you in your birthday suit. On the other hand, if you’re more interested in a large, traditional-style window with some privacy, consider using frosted glass in the window. As a result, you can enjoy a swathe of natural light without anyone being able to see into your private sanctuary.

You can’t go wrong with heated floors.

Even in the warmth of the Los Angeles area, heated floors in the bathroom are an excellent addition to your remodeling project. Let’s face it. Tile floors are cold whether you live in Los Angeles or Alaska. With a heated floor system, you can warm up these freezing tiles to make your bathroom a more comfortable space.

Get your remodel underway.

You can’t go wrong planning your next home improvement project with all of these bathroom remodeling ideas. Remember to consider upgrading the shower, adding storage space, including a window, and installing heated floors to maximize the comfort in your bathroom.

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