Top-Rated Tourist Spots in Alabama

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Alabama has a lot of interesting things to see if you know where to look. Between the various cities and towns, there are a number of great places to go if you want to go sightseeing. Whether you want to visit something natural or historic, here are a few places to go if you are looking for a good tourist spot in Alabama.

The U.S. Space and Rocket Center located in Huntsville, Alabama is a museum dedicated to the scientific achievement of the United States’ Space Program. There are quite a few exhibits and facilities that are worth checking out here, like their Saturn V rocket housed in the Davidson’s Center for Space Exploration alongside other interesting exhibits, their IMAX theater that shows a number of different kinds of movies on a truly massive screen, and there is even a “Space Camp” available for children interested in space travel or just STEM subjects in general. Also worth noting is that the Huntsville area is also home to a particularly large number of research facilities revolving around aerospace projects on the Redstone Arsenal and the Cummings Research Park, making the U.S. Space and Rocket Center a natural introduction to what made the town what it is today.

If you are more looking for a zoo to visit, the Birmingham Zoo is a good place to start. Having opened in 1955, the Birmingham Zoo has since been host to plenty of fun and interesting events and exhibits like their Sea Lion Splash Show. They are also are currently developing exhibits for Asian and native Alabamian wildlife, with animals like the Komodo Dragon, Red Panda, Golden Eagle, Couger, and Bobcat all slated for a spot in their zoo pending further development of their facilities.

The city of Birmingham is currently the largest city in Alabama, and there are a number of great things to see in the city if a more general-interest approach suits you better than visiting only one or two dedicated tourist spots. From their art community to their festivals (many of which are food-related), there are certainly enough events to schedule your visit around. If you end up needing an iPhone repaired in Birmingham during your visit, you don’t need to worry about that either; you can contact a uBreakiFix location in Birmingham at 5492 US-280 Birmingham, AL 35242 with the phone number (205) 408-1333.


Bellingrath Gardens is another good tourist destination in Alabama. Located in Mobile, Alabama, the scenic Bellingrath Gardens and Home hosts a great many flowers all year round. They are even known to host flower-themed events like the “Mobile Area Orchid Society’s Orchid Show and Sale” and give ticket discounts depending on when you attend. The Bellingrath Museum Home is also worth visiting as it is a historic building itself built from the remains of previous historic buildings.

Alabama is home to quite a few wilderness trails as well, and one of particular note is the Chief Ladiga Trail. Starting in Anniston, Alabama, it is 33 miles in length and it runs all the way to the Alabama border and turns into the 62-mile-long Silver Comet Trail. While traveling the whole length of even just the Chief Ladiga Trail is not always suitable for every vacation, if you are a wilderness or cycling enthusiast you would be hard-pressed to find a more concerted effort to bring quality wilderness trails to the general public.

Finding a good vacation spot can mean something different depending on who you ask, and Alabama has a lot of places that would be of interest to almost anyone. If you are looking to go sightseeing in Alabama, the unique cities combined with the great swaths of wilderness make for a unique set of options.

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