4 Easy Ways to Shake Up Your Home Life

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It’s been a long year since the global pandemic start. For many people, the same old restrictions, remote work conditions, and learning routines have now set fully in. Many days feel like Groundhog Day, where the same monotonous routines of staying in are repeated over and over again.

However, the great news is that there are ways to shake up your quarantine and shut down those at-home routines. If you’re looking for new ideas on ways to spend time with your family members while learning and making lifetime memories read on for four tricks that’ll be sure to shake things up.

1. Theme Nights and Dress Up


No matter who you are, routines can become dull fast. If you’re someone who once enjoyed going out and dressing up, one way to shake things up at home is to pull off that lounge-ware and come up with a plan for a theme night. Maybe Halloween is your favorite holiday and you have a pile of costumes in the basement or garage. Or perhaps you love to sew and can come up with a fantastic Fourth of July costume. Think of your hobbies, interests, and what you have on hand‚Äì‚Äìand challenge yourself and your family members to shake things up with theme night parties.

A favorite movie, popcorn, and your best costume could lead to a fun night of friendly competition when things feel stale. As another example, if you’re homeschooling a child in world history you could build a theme around the fall of Rome, or ancient Egypt, or even the Greek mythology, to double as a learning activity. The possibilities are endless‚Äì‚Äìjust take a look around and see what you have available and you could create a theme for nearly anything you set your mind on.

2. Backyard Scavenger Hunts for Treasures


While you’re looking around, think about ideas for a scavenger hunt. It could be the perfect excuse for a Valentine’s Day adventure. What about buying a CZ or using jewelry you already own to do some hunting around? This might even be enough to set you up for an online trip to Agape Diamond reviews where you can research real-life treasures like cubic zirconia and real diamonds and how they differ. Even some homework on Agape stimulated diamonds might work as a teaching moment for students studying business, marketing, or fashion.

While you don’t need to hide lab-grown diamonds in your backyard and probably shouldn’t, spray painting rocks to look like gems could work. Make it a contest for who can find the fakest precious stone items with rules around where they’ll be hidden. The reward could be who picks the next family theme night or gets to tell the next ghost story.

3. Attic and Basement Tours


Do you hate ghost stories, haunted movies, or the paranormal? When’s the last time you went to your attic? If it was after researching the 3 signs you have a dead animal hidden in your house then maybe you haven’t dared go there at all. Why not face your fears! For a scary but fun way to shake things up, consider taking a peek into the darkest corners of your home. Pick someone to tell a ghost story that they find online and from another part of the world and bring it home.

Cockroaches, bats, rats, raccoons, rodents, spiders, and more can all make for scary characters that will for certain shake things up at home.

4. Repurposing Appliances and More


With many dumps and junkyards closed, you may have a build-up of broken appliances or furniture. Instead of leaving them in piles around the yard, take those expired warranty products and find new uses for them. The first step is to use your imagination. How could you use that crack in the old stove to make it into a bookshelf? What could you do with that air-conditioner that leaks but could double as a table? Look at your pantry, too. Odds are, it’d be the perfect spot for a blanket fort for the afternoon.

There are no real rules on how you choose to entertain yourself in your own home. Whether it’s by setting up a family theme night, making a regular date for scavenger hunts in the backyard, repurposing that old refrigerator into a backyard fort with the door off, or hunting for ghosts in the basement or attic, there are ways to shake up routines at home. Even in the middle of a global pandemic, a little creativity can be just enough for you and your family to get through another few months. Have fun and remember to take pictures of the ways you decide to shake things up.

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