Strategies for a Successful Parent-Teacher Conference

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Parent-teacher conferences can be daunting, especially if there’s a not-so-positive reason you have to have one. No matter the circumstances, it’s always a good move to prepare yourself to speak with your child’s teachers. Keep reading for some tips to get the most out of every parent-teacher conference.

Come Prepared


Preparing for your meeting will allow you to make the most of it. Before you meet with your child’s teacher, feel free to keep in touch with them, and ask any questions you may have. It’s also wise to ask your kid if they have anything specific they want you to bring up at the conference.

Write down any questions or topics you want to cover and gather materials you’ll need to take notes when you get together. Thinking beforehand of what you want to talk about will help you stay on topic and ensure that you don’t forget anything important.

Be Professional


Being punctual is crucial since most parent-teacher conferences are back-to-back. You want all the possible time to talk with your child’s teacher, so make arrangements to get there on time. Being late can also start the meeting off on a wrong note, which you want to avoid.

Another essential part of meeting up with your child’s teacher is to make a good impression. Whether this is the first time meeting them or you’ve met before, you want to look respectable, and like you’re taking the conference seriously. Dress in professional clothing like skirts, blouses, and tasteful hoop earrings. A black blazer for women can help turn a casual look to an elevated one. Putting time and effort into how you dress for the meeting will show their teacher that you care.

Listen and Ask Questions


When in the meeting, listen attentively and write notes so you’ll remember critical points. Though it may be hard to digest any negative criticism your child may receive, try not to take it personally. Your child’s teacher wants the best for your kid, just like you, which is why they hold conferences in the first place.

Speak up if you think of any questions or would like more details about something. Asking to see all examples of schoolwork or projects that you’re able to will allow you to witness first-hand how your child is progressing, and their teacher can answer any questions you have about grades or performance.

Follow Up


After the parent-teacher conference, make sure to keep in touch with the teacher. If you forgot to ask something or you come up with a question later, you can reach out through their email address or phone number. You should also make a plan from the information you’ve gathered if your child has behavioral or performance issues in class. Following up with their teacher can help you monitor your kid’s progress.

You can also send a thank you card or email to your child’s teacher to thank them for meeting with you, especially if you meet outside of a standard parent-teacher conference period. A quick “thanks” goes a long way, and their teacher will appreciate the effort to strengthen your relationship.

Need More Help?


If you meet with your kid’s teachers and you don’t see any progress or you feel like your school isn’t a good fit, there are other options to explore. You can transfer your child to another class, or even use a website like Schoolahoop to find other schools in your area that may be a better match for your child and their educational needs.

Preparing to meet with your child’s teacher will allow you to have a productive meeting and learn everything you want to know about how your child is doing in school. Make the most out of your time with their teacher and take it seriously so you can help your child succeed.

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