Tips for Starting Your Beauty Career

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Whether you’re fresh out of cosmetology school or looking to give your career a jumpstart, opportunities abound in the beauty industry. The specialty you pursue will depend on your preferences and skills. Options include working as a hairstylist, esthetician, nail technician, or makeup artist.

No matter what route you take, if you work hard and believe in yourself, you’re sure to enjoy a successful, rewarding career in this exciting field.

Consider your talents

Perhaps one of the best tips for starting your beauty career is considering which aspects of your training you excelled at the most. Some beauty professionals have a special talent for cutting and styling hair. Others have the skills needed to work as a successful makeup artist or nail technician. Consider each possible path for your career in the beauty industry and compare the skills needed to how well you did in cosmetology school, as well as feedback from your teachers and peers.

Once you determine where you excel, think about what you like. Skills are important, but it’s equally important for you to enjoy your work. The best thing you can do when starting your beauty career is to discover a path where you can be both happy and competitive.


Know your industry

It’s time to do some research. Before meeting with potential employers and clients, learn about the latest industry trends and beauty equipment on the market. Trends and equipment will vary depending on your specialty, but some are going to be mostly universal across the beauty industry.

For instance, the majority of beauty professionals should be knowledgeable about the special features of makeup mirrors or vanity mirrors. A lighted makeup mirror is used in salons and shops for clients to see their final results, and the special features of these mirrors can make all the difference. The degree of magnification helps clients see subtle details, and a natural light appearance is often the best part of the vanity mirror.

With the right lighting, mirror, and cash value for your services, your client will feel like a movie star without breaking the bank, guaranteeing you’ll enjoy quality referrals and five-star reviews.

Dress for success

Your wardrobe gives potential employers and clients their first impression of you. While the beauty industry does allow for more creative outfit choices than corporate America, you should still look polished and professional.

The simple choice of wearing women’s dress pants over casual pants to an interview can make the difference between an employer hiring you over someone else. In addition to style, be sure to choose an outfit you’re comfortable wearing. With a wide variety of fits and styles available for women’s pants particularly, the right pair of dress pants will give you a professional appearance while demonstrating your style.


Highlight your brand

Another tip for starting your beauty career is to start to build your brand. Branding allows you to show off your talents and skills in the best light to employers and clients. Even if you start your career cutting hair for a salon or working the makeup counter at a retail store, building your brand gives you the option to strike out on your own.

Consider starting professional social media accounts. Post quality content related to your beauty industry specialty, as well as pictures from your portfolio. A personal website and business cards help spread the word about your talents even further. In addition to working independently, a carefully curated personal brand reflected in your online presence can lead to other opportunities, such as brand partnerships and commissions on sales.

Put your best foot forward and embrace new challenges and opportunities in your career, and it won’t be long until you’re a well-established professional in the beauty industry.

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