Tips for Getting Over a Cheating Boyfriend

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You know you need to move on with your life. Yet there’s a lingering feeling of love and resentment that you can’t seem to shake. Your boyfriend cheated on you—it’s completely natural for you to be experiencing a whirlwind of varying emotions right now. But remember that you are strong. You know you’re not the type of woman to wallow in misery forever. Grab a pint of ice cream, set up your favorite comedy on TV, and continue to read the following five tips for getting over a cheating boyfriend. You can do this, girl!

1. You’re bringing healthy back

When you’re recovering from the pain of immense heartache, getting back to a healthy lifestyle will help you move on. One of the aspects of maintaining overall good health is remembering to take important supplements.

www.calerie.com sells NAD+ supplements that can increase life span, promote healthy weight loss, lower glucose levels, and reduce the potential risks of cardiovascular disease. You will feel better than ever when you are posting selfies of your slim body, and your ex will know he made the biggest mistake of his life.


2. Indulge in CBD products

While you’re digging into your ice cream and watching your favorite romantic comedy, why not smoke some hemp cigarettes in between the tears and laughter? Try Plain Jane sells the best hemp and CBD products on the market. And you only deserve the best and trust us, that was not your ex-boyfriend.

Hemp reduces anxiety and depression. Both of which are quite common following a breakup—especially one caused by a cheating boyfriend. Hemp attaches to your brain’s receptors and regulates serotonin, a chemical linked to stress or stress relief. Feeling less stress may aid you during your time of need.


3. Feel the pain, allow the pain

Every woman is bound to cope differently after enduring a painful breakup. Drinking more than usual, binge eating, and even sex with strangers are methods people have used in an attempt to heal. But is this a healthy way? No.

The only way to truly get over your cheating ex is to fully go through it, experiencing every emotion that arises. Allowing yourself to feel and express the pain will help you recover from a broken heart.

4. Never, ever blame yourself

There are very few things in life that can crush someone’s self-esteem and confidence in the way infidelity can. Far too often, women believe their significant other resorted to laying in bed with another lover because they were inadequate. Or simply not good enough.

If you can relate, you need to know this is not your fault—cheaters will cheat. In fact, a couple’s counselor stated that cheating is sometimes a direct result of poor communication…on the cheater’s end. So, there is no need to blame yourself because you aren’t responsible for his poor choices.

5. Vent your heart out in therapy

You don’t need to have an official diagnosis of mental illness to engage in therapy sessions. In fact, many people sign up for therapy solely because of life’s stressors. Tell your therapist everything you are experiencing, from sadness to anger to the possible relief you may feel is that you found out sooner than later.

Your therapist will help you move past your ex-boyfriend’s actions. Having an objective party to assist you with analyzing where the relationship went south and learning how to get over him will speed up the process of moving on from what happened to you.

No one deserves to be cheated on. And you didn’t deserve to be cheated on. Feel the pain, stay healthy, smoke some hemp, and watch as you begin to gradually move on with your life.

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