The Link Between Art and Architecture

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When you look at a building, do you ever think about it as a work of art? Have you ever considered the detail that goes into designing a structure, from its aesthetics to its functionality? Probably not, right? However, maybe it’s time to change the way you think about architecture.

Indeed, designing buildings is an art form with many parallels in the fine arts. So, what are some of the links between art and architecture? Continue reading to learn!

Art and architecture both rely on structures unseen to the untrained eye.


Composer Neil Rolnick once highlighted a stark similarity between architecture and composing music. In short, he states that art and architecture are similar in that architects and composers rely on structures that are imperceivable within the final product, and the structure dictates the art’s acceptability.

The frame is one of the most important design elements of architectural structures. Building designers also ensure they use the right structure to support the building. Architects advise contractors on specific products for building materials and the building’s aesthetics and dimensions. They might even suggest the contractor get their material from a specific company, such as Mariani Metal Fabricators Limited, that excels at making stainless steel building materials. Indeed, Mariani is to contractors and builders what arts and crafts stores are to artists.

Artists and architects understand dimensions and materials.


Another thing art and architecture have in common is the understanding of dimensions and materials. In the music composition, dimensions are called measures, and there’s a certain number of beats per measure. Roofers need to know about dimensions as well, as they have to know how many shingles can fit within a square foot. If you google “roofing in Marietta, GA,” you’ll likely come across Castle Roofing, one of the most trusted roofing companies in the area. They’re undoubtedly the foremost roofing artists in Marietta and the surrounding area.

Art and architecture often begin their creations with a feeling.

As you know, art is often about a feeling, but did you know many buildings draw inspiration from and seek to evoke emotion? Indeed, one of the goals of architecture is to evoke a feeling, whether that feeling is awe, relaxation, security, or reverence. So, the next time you see a structure that catches your eye, you should stop and admire it, and see how it makes you feel.

Art and architecture often draw inspiration from nature.


Some of the earliest art was man’s recreations of beauty they witnessed in nature. It may surprise you that architecture often draws direct influence from nature. If you search online, you’ll find some of the world’s most beautiful buildings mirror something already existing in nature.

As you can see, there are many similarities between art and architecture. Indeed, architecture enthusiasts often marvel at the works of art that function as administrative, business, and residential structures. Both art and architecture rely on structures that artists and architects are the only ones able to see. Furthermore, like other works of art, architectural structures often start with a feeling or draw inspiration from nature. Also, artists and architects understand the importance of measures and dimensions to the final product. Finally, people commission both art and architectural structures to meet their tastes.

We could go on and on about the parallels between art and architecture, but we think you get the point. An architect is an artist in their own right. Some aspects of their job may be more technical than what artists are used to, but it’s art nonetheless. So, the next time you see an awe-inspiring structure, remember that it’s a work of art you’re admiring and not just another building.

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