How to Keep Your Family Healthy and Energized

As a parent, you want your family members to be the healthiest they can be. But when you’re working long hours during the week and struggling to keep your kids entertained on the weekends, finding the time to implement exciting new methods can be challenging. If you’re looking for simple ways to keep your family feeling healthy, here are a few easy tactics.

Feed them a balanced diet

You may not always have time to make a big meal every night. Sometimes throwing a frozen pizza in the oven is all you can manage, but that doesn’t mean you’re neglecting your family’s health. Do what you can to provide your partner and kids with a balanced diet. If it’s pizza for dinner, make fruit and veggie smoothies to go with it. If your children demand chocolate-chip waffles for breakfast on the weekends, make them with whole-wheat flour instead of all-purpose. A balanced diet ensures your loved ones are consuming all the nutrients they need to stay healthy. Focus on fruits, veggies, whole grains, and lean proteins like chicken and fish. A few indulgences every so often won’t steer your kids in the wrong direction, but do what you can to stick to a healthy diet. You’ll feel successful as a parent (and partner) and your kids will reap the benefits for their entire lives.

Give your kids a daily multivitamin

This one is really simple. In the morning or the evening, have your children take a multivitamin. Multivitamins for kids are stuffed with essential vitamins that will help them develop and grow. With no added sugar and plenty of organic fruits and veggies, these children’s multivitamins are the perfect addition to your family’s daily routine. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a certain daily intake of each vitamin for children. With a daily multivitamin, you’ll never have to worry that your children aren’t getting enough vitamin D or vitamin C. Also, if any of your children are picky eaters, a daily multivitamin will help them get all the vitamins and nutrients they need. You won’t have to stress about a deficiency because your son only eats chicken nuggets and french fries. With gummy vitamins, every child can still get all the different vitamins he or she needs to grow strong and stay healthy.

Encourage exercise and play

It can be tempting to throw on a movie so the kids are safely occupied—and it’s not a bad move every so often—but make sure you’re encouraging exercise and play both inside and outside the home. Exercise and play strengthens their bones and lungs and makes them feel happier and more energized. Limit screen time for everyone in the family, including yourself. When your kids want to go outside and play, go with them. Play catch or basketball or go for a bike ride as a family. Be a good example for your children since they will pick up on your priorities. If you’re always glued to your phone or the TV, they will learn to be the same way. Take the family on adventures outdoors (which has the added bonus of family bonding). Encouraging movement will keep your family feeling good.

Parents are always concerned about their children’s wellbeing. You want them to grow up to be in great shape both emotionally and physically. Spend a few minutes each day thinking about each kid’s diet and exercise. Has he gotten enough fruits and veggies? Has she taken her multivitamin? Have they been outside to play? When you consistently answer “yes” to these questions, you’ll know that you’re doing the best you can for your family.

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