Best Birthday Themes for Girls

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To plan an unforgettable birthday party, select a theme befitting the guest of honor. If the girl you’re throwing a birthday party for is into fashion, create an entire theme around this preference. If she prefers superheroes, create a crime-solving activity and hand out paper masks — you’ll be the most popular parent in town! Whichever niche your daughter, niece, or friend prefers, choose decorations, activities, and goody bags around this idea to make your tasks even easier to manage.

Rainbow Party

A neutral birthday party theme for any girl who loves a pop of color is a rainbow party. This concept is one of the easiest to execute, but it really makes a bold statement. To start, purchase multi-color decorations from your local party supply store or even from a nearby drugstore. Buy plates, napkins, and cups in different colors selected from the rainbow for a truly memorable effect. Pair blue plates with green cups and yellow napkins, then accent the party area with purple streamers and red confetti. However, you choose to mix and match the colors is effective as the main idea here is to make the party as rainbow as bright as possible.

Next comes the fun part. For rainbow-themed activities, look to PaintLoose and their amazing selection of art supplies and DIY art projects suitable for children (and adults) of any age. Purchase acrylic paint kits, paint brushes, canvas or paper to paint on to, and disposable table cloths. Set up art stations around the room where the children can paint to their heart’s content. If you want to establish cohesion, request that everyone create a happy painting that best captures what brings them joy. This is a great way to start a conversation and to make the most of the artistic experience. Be sure to grab extra art supplies from PaintLoose and create unique goody bags for each child with a few items used throughout the party. Add a small thing of acrylic paint, new brushes, and a small sketch pad to encourage creativity and create even more memories.

Fashionista Party

For the fashionista in your life, throw a child’s birthday party with nail painting and makeup stations. This is sure to be a hit amongst the girly girls who enjoy a little pampering. It’s super easy to do gel nails at home for your party, especially when you have the right supplies. All you need is a gel nail kit, a nail file, a dish or bowl to soak their hands, and some acetone nail polish remover in case any mistakes are made. Assign the manicure station to whichever parent is best suited to the task and provide the girls with an array of gel nail polish colors to choose from. You can keep regular nail polish on hand as well in case any of the girls want a more classic look. Add in a few fun nail art designs and all party attendees will be thrilled.

If you want to really create an impact, hire a nail artist from your area to come to the party and create one-of-a-kind manicure designs for every girl in attendance. The nail artist creates a more professional experience which is great if you’re throwing a party for pre-teens. By providing a salon-like atmosphere, you earn brownie points with your temperamental teen and you learn the proper way to give yourself a manicure all in one go. From the base coat to the gel polish to the topcoat, you’ll learn skills you didn’t even know were possible to obtain from the comfort of your own home. Be sure to keep a pile of cotton balls or a cotton pad nearby to apply nail polish remover if anyone is unhappy with how their manicure turns out.

To further enhance the experience, set up a makeup station with kid-friendly products. Buy multi-packs of fruity lip balms, sparkly eyeshadow, and tiny pads of blush. Decorate the room with fashion themed motifs like lipstick tubes, dresses, shoes, and more. Stick with a pink, black, and white color scheme to create cohesion and project a high-end fashion feel. Before everyone goes home, give each guest a goody bag with the nail polish, makeup, and supplies they liked best while they were there. And if any parents are opposed to the makeup, substitute the experience and the goody bag with a princess pack instead. Provide a tiara, clear nail polish, and some neutral colored lip balms to ensure everyone feels equal.

Circus Birthday Party

Cue the magic act and start blowing up the balloons because you’re about to throw the best circus-themed birthday party ever. The first step toward impressing the young children attending the party is to hire the best magician in the area for entertainment. When you hire a magician for a birthday party, be sure to contact a reputable company like Clowns4Kids. A birthday party magician isn’t much fun if they’re terrible at making balloon animals or fail to bring a bunny along to pull out of a hat. By hiring someone through Clowns4Kids, you’ll be hiring the best entertainment possible, which further helps your reputation as a party throwing extraordinaire.

In addition to the magician, purchase circus themed decorations. Buy red and yellow balloons, red and white striped tablecloths, and red and white streamers to create the feel of a circus tent. Cups and plates in corresponding colors makes it simpler to purchase your items and is an easy way to translate the theme onto every available circus. For added pop, place elephant and lion motifs around the room to pay homage to the beloved circus animals your kids are sure to recognize. A face painting station is a great way to get the birthday girl and all attendees in the right state of mind before the magic act begins. Before everyone leaves, hand out white and red striped goody bags containing animal crackers, magician wands, and plastic circus animals.

Superhero Party

Save the day with a superhero party for the Wonder Woman in your life. If your little girl has a favorite superhero then it’s quick and easy to purchase party decorations and favors for this character. If she simply likes superheroes in general, take some liberties on how you interpret the theme for this party. Buy fun comic cartoon bubbles with clever sayings inside them and pin them up around the room to add fun commentary. Purchase pink, black, and white cups and plates and alternate colors around the table to boost the comic book hero vibe of the space. Buy paper masks for the girls to customize with colored pencils, markers, and paint supplies for a truly unique experience.

Sprinkle in a dash of glitter and some themed balloons and you’ll master the best kid birthday party of the year. To keep the little ones entertained throughout the party, hand out capes and provide clues for a crime that needs to be solved. Hide additional clues around the party space and help the girls navigate each answer to get to the bottom of the mystery you’ve created. Encourage teamwork so the kids can emulate their favorite heroes and work together to create an atmosphere of fun for everyone.

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