6 Small Gift Ideas for Everyone in Your Life

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Big gifts are always nice, but sometimes you don’t need a giant gift to show how much you care. Small gifts can be just as thoughtful and intimate as their large counterparts. Some people would rather not receive large gifts at all, because they aren’t able to reciprocate financially.

Before picking a gift, think about how your friend, loved one, or co-worker will feel when they unwrap it. Stick to their comfort level and know that you can accomplish the same feeling of unwrapping a large gift with a little thought and creativity. Here are six small gift ideas for everyone in your life.

The gift of creativity

Okay, so creativity is kind of a big gift to give someone. That being said, you can gift it in a small package. Reignite your friend or loved one’s passion for painting by introducing them to Paint Loose.

Paint Loose sells art supplies, paintings, and has step-by-step DIY videos that will get their creativity cooking. Purchase a paint set from the website to get your friend started down their artistic path. You can even buy one of the paintings from Paint Loose’s website for your friend that they can hang in their home for inspiration. You could buy a set for yourself as well and have your own wine and canvas night.

The gift of a more convenient life

Making someone’s life easier in a small way can end up having a cumulative effect. You can accomplish this by gifting your friend something they will use every single day. Nowadays, everyone relies heavily on his or her cell phone. That’s why a personalized Google Pixel 3 case created by Limited 77 is the perfect small gift.

Limited 77 creates artfully designed wooden phone cases. You can choose from so many etched and printed designs that you’re sure to find something that speaks to your friend’s taste. These cases are eco-friendly, guarantee screen protection, and are wireless charging compatible. The next time your gift recipient drops their phone; they’re sure to be grateful for your gift.

The gift of a garden

Does your friend have a green thumb? Does your friend like drinking tea? You can gift your friend a tea-growing kit that will give them the fun of gardening and enjoying their favorite beverage. You can curate the plants yourself or you can leave it up to Williams Sonoma. Just make sure your friend has a little bit of patience to reap all the benefits from this gift.

The gift of music

Music is priceless, and when you give someone an instrument, you’re giving them hours of entertainment and joy. The ukulele is an easy to learn, small instrument that won’t take up a lot of space in your loved one’s home. With only four strings made of nylon polymer, ukuleles are considered a much friendlier instrument for brand new musicians than a guitar. Your friend won’t have to build up callouses to make beautiful music. You can purchase them a more inexpensive soprano ukulele to start with until they get the hang of the instrument.

The gift of experience

Has your friend always wanted to take an art or exercise class? You can buy them a pass to support their interests. This is a gift that will fit in their wallet, but will have a big payoff if it turns into their new hobby.

The gift of a healthier environment

What’s better than a clean Earth? 4ocean is a company that cleans a pound of trash from the ocean, rivers, and coastline for every item purchased. They’re committed to high sustainability and high standards. You can purchase anything from a collapsible straw, sustainable shopper bags, and stylish beaded bracelets all while helping the planet.

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