5 Foolproof Entertainment Ideas for Your Kid’s Next Birthday Party

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Finding creative and fun entertainment for your kid’s next birthday party can be tricky. You want to do something new and different, while also making sure the children have a great time. If you’re struggling to think of anything good, here are five foolproof ideas.


Magic has a special appeal for children. They’re amazed by the magical acts and many adults also find themselves overjoyed with the wonder and mystery of the tricks. A magic show is perfect entertainment for a birthday party for a few reasons. It’s wildly enjoyable, so the kids will be focused on the fun.

A professional magician can captivate an audience no matter how old they are. A magic show also creates a clear schedule for the party. Your guests will know to bring presents, enjoy the show with a slice of cake, and then make their exits. Hiring magicians for birthday parties is a foolproof way to ensure everyone at the party, adults, and kids, has a great time.



A rodeo party is fun for kids who love country-western apparel. They can throw on a vest and western boots and you can teach the kids to line dance. You can simulate actual rodeo events by having the kids hogtie a stuffed animal. Young kids will love the imagination involved in this party, and they’ll definitely go home tired after a day of line dancing and rodeo. If your kid is older, he or she might enjoy going to the rodeo with friends. This is a unique idea for a party that guests won’t ever forget.


Petting Zoo

Kids love animals, both pretending to be them and petting them. If you want to keep young children entertained, why not combine both? Throw a petting zoo party and ask each child to come dressed as his or her favorite animal. The guests can pet the animals you provide while also playing and pretending to be animals.

This is an easy way to keep every at the party entertained until it’s time to go home. Your petting zoo can even be as simple as asking guests to bring their cat or dog from home, as long as the pets are friendly with others. A safer route might be to hire a professional petting zoo. The kids will love petting sheep, rabbits, miniature horses, and whatever else the professionals bring to your home. Just make sure you have a plan for cleanup!


Obstacle Course

Maybe your son or daughter likes adventure. For your child’s next birthday party, create an obstacle course. You can tailor a homemade obstacle course to the ages of the children coming to the party. Including jumping rope or hula hooping for older kids. Littler guests might enjoy jumping over sticks, balancing on one leg, and throwing a ball to a parent. You can time the guests or just have them complete it at their own speeds. An obstacle course is ae perfect entertainment for a kid’s birthday party because it’s fun, exciting, and exhausting. Your guests will leave content and entertained.



If you have a kid who loves makeup, a makeover party is an easy way to keep her and her friends entertained. You can book a party at a local salon or purchase supplies to do everything at your house. A plethora of fun products will keep the kids excited for hours. They can add clip-in hair extensions or temporary hair dye. They can paint each other’s nails or do each other’s makeup. For kids who love to play pretend, this can be the perfect party that keeps everyone entertained.


Try throwing a unique birthday party this year. Keep it fun, exciting, and energetic. Your guests will leave smiling while admiring your ingenious.

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