Why You Should Consider Investing in Commodities

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Investments act as the backbone of financial stability and business success in the United States. Without the risk/reward tradeoff that investors take advantage of when they make any decision for themselves or their company, there would be no fiscal mobility whatsoever.

Investing in commodities within your portfolio or for your business is the only way to continue sparking growth over the long term. But choosing the right places to focus on can be difficult for even the greatest data-driven investors out there. The element of risk plays on the mind and makes for a tough choice no matter how sound the financial or overall research might be.

Commodity purchases act as solutions to a gap.


Whether you are looking for a real estate property as a borrower seeking a mortgage loan or need a new tool for your firm’s workshop, buying a commodity asset is often approached as a way to fill in a gap in your current lineup. Real estate investors tend to purchase properties within a geographic range (making management of each property easier) but may lack a versatile list of holdings as a result. Real estate investors try to mix-and-match single-family homes, apartments within residential buildings, and duplexes in concert as a way to appeal to a larger segment of the overall market.

The same goes for your brand. You might work on pipeline repair as an industry expert specializing in cold plasma technology. As your contracts continue to expand, you will need more robust equipment, a potentially larger team, and a fleet of reliable vehicles for rapid transportation to job sites. Cleaning and repair work with solutions from APS Plasma often fill in these gaps, making the firm one of the top choices for additional highly technical equipment that firms like yours require to complete their essential work.

Commodities can be bundled in an investment fund for maximum return.


Investment firms like Yieldstreet, Blackrock, and Vanguard have noticed the landscape of commodity trading and offer highly lucrative funds that pair these asset classes with other investment opportunities to create high-yielding funds that also boast mitigated risks. Each platform will offer its own unique blend of assets and risk profiles, so making a choice requires you to conduct your own due diligence. Yieldstreet’s offerings are pretty exciting, however.

Many first-time investors who are looking for a strong fund to buoy their investments ask: “Is Yieldstreet legit?” They often can’t believe the expansive returns and exciting asset classes that Yieldstreet brings to the table. Yieldstreet offers a unique angle that the traditional stock market can’t put forward. With Yieldstreet, your investment options include many commodity and alternative investment asset classes that aren’t accessible through other investment platforms.

In this way, Yieldstreet is the first to market with these exciting investment products for the retail investor that have traditionally remained behind closed doors and only accessible to high net worth investors.

The Prism Fund, for instance, blends a combination of six different asset classes under one umbrella. With the combination of fine art commodities, commercial and large residential real estate properties, and several other high-yielding assets, the fund can create firm stability for long-term growth and offer a substantial quarterly return through dividend payout executions.

This runs effectively – just as any other fund would – but the difference is in the Prism Fund’s holdings. These alternative assets have created and maintained enormous wealth for the ultra-rich for many generations. Now it’s your turn to get in on the action with your own investor profile.

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