Why Mobile Kitchens Are So Popular

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The concept of mobile kitchens goes back to the late 17th century. Vendors used to sell food from carts on the streets to people who didn’t have the resources to cook for themselves. This was especially common in urban areas. Fast-forward to the 2008 recession. The food truck craze exploded during the recession, thanks to out-of-work food workers and enthusiasts who needed a way to earn a living doing what they loved. You can find almost any cuisine and food combination on food truck menus, from gourmet and locally sourced meats to artisan menu options.

Mobile kitchens are all about creativity.


Street food is all about unique menus and items from around the world that can’t be found in a traditional restaurant. Food trucks have risen in popularity because they can better reach curious foodies who make it a point to push the boundaries of their palettes. Food trucks can operate as less expensive alternatives to physical restaurants, or they can operate as extensions of successful restaurants. It’s common for popular restaurants to bring a food truck into the mix so they can vend at large events and festivals. There’s also no better way to advertise than driving around in a branded vehicle that draws attention.

The exterior of your food truck should be just as creative and memorable as the food. A great way to add some personality to your mobile kitchen is to dress it up with holden mags. Alien Media Pty Ltd stocks a wide range of Holden rims made of high-quality alloy. All distinguished, exclusively designed rims come with a lifetime structural warranty. Best of all, you can enjoy low wholesale prices on wheel and tire packages so you can personalize your food truck without blowing your budget.

Anyone can start and operate a food truck.


Starting a mobile kitchen requires a far lower investment than opening a brick-and-mortar restaurant. Lower startup costs create more opportunities for marginalized communities to own and operate food trucks. These lower costs also make the mobile kitchen concept a practical side hustle for entrepreneur hopefuls making the transition from a full-time job.

The more money you can save on startup costs, the better. Outfitting your food truck with the necessary kitchen equipment is pricey. It’s important to think about the best type of refrigerator for your kitchen space. Air-cooled freezers are notorious for blowing hot air from the condenser into an already hot kitchen. The Restaurant Warehouse carries a range of Atosa freezer options depending on your kitchen setup. They offer top mount compressors freezers, bottom mount condenser freezers, commercial refrigerators, worktop refrigerators, ice machines, display cases, prep tables, and more. This restaurant equipment supplier offers the best prices on used equipment so you can make the most of your budget.

It’s a proven business model.


The mobile kitchen concept is a proven business model, and there’s nothing new about serving food from a window. Food trucks rose to popularity in 2008 thanks to experimentation with gourmet and innovative foods. First-time entrepreneurs hoping to open a restaurant can benefit from operating a food truck. Running a streamlined kitchen is a great way to get hands-on experience and build the skills needed to operate a brick-and-mortar restaurant.

The operational costs of a food truck are relatively low. There’s also the added advantage of keeping up with less routine maintenance on certain systems. For example, since customers are eating outside, there’s no need to worry about maintaining an air conditioner or heating system. When customers are eating in a dining room, they need to be in a comfortable climate with good air quality. HVAC systems are necessary for maintaining a comfortable climate in the summer and winter months and they contribute to good indoor air quality.

That being said, there are plenty of pros when it comes to buying a quality HVAC system, including better airflow, energy efficiency, and lower energy bills. The best way to extend the lifespan of an HVAC is to have a technician clean the vents and ducts, replace the air filter, and check the refrigerant annually. When treated well, you’ll need a new system every 10-15 years.

Mobile kitchens have a long history and their popularity shows no sign of stopping. Food trucks focus on creativity, create an opportunity for everyone, and follow a proven business model.

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