What You Need to Start Your Own Church

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Throughout centuries, the church has been a place where people come together for community and support. No matter the denomination or practice, each church creates that space for people to join together in worship and learn more about the teachings of Christ. If you feel that your community lacks that space, you may feel called to fill that need. Starting a church is a fairly straightforward task that requires dedicated, compassionate individuals who can handle the business and religious side of opening a new church.

Just like starting your own business, there are some logical steps you’ll have to take to open a church. It would help if you had a business plan and dedicated team members. In this case, it helps if you have pastors or clergy that have been ordained and have experience leading a congregation. You’ll also need a central location in your community that will be a welcoming place for people to gather. From there, it will be time to start growing your congregation and supporting each other. As you begin your journey to starting your own church, remember to pray about it and find support in your faith. Now, let’s dive a little more in-depth into what you’ll need to start your own church.

A Dedicated, Passionate Staff

Many hands make light work. This is why you should get your team together before embarking on any other part of your church journey. The first step is to find a pastor who is willing to be the leader of your new congregation. If this is something you feel called to, take steps to become ordained and get experience within your specific denomination. From there, you can start to put together a board and other church leaders to help you build the church. The bible says that church is not a location; it is a people. So start by building a great leadership team.

The Perfect Location

Once you have your team together and you’ve set your mission for the church, it’s time to start looking for the perfect real estate—location matters when you’re trying to make an impact on your community. You want to find the perfect location that is visible and available. Try to position yourself on a popular walkway or set up a porch with a deck so people can stop by and see what you’re all about. If the church is all about fellowship and evangelism, you want to position yourself in a place where you can really welcome people.

A Building and Utilities


Finding a space is one thing, but next, you have to clean it up and make sure it’s ready for people to come through the doors on Sunday mornings. Work on building renovations like power washing the driveways, fixing the drainage systems, and utilizing Labor Panes services Charleston. Whether you’re doing a new build or renovating an old building, get a free quote on the work that needs to be done so you can have the perfect cleaning plan.

Within you’re building, you’ll also need all the spaces and materials for running a church. From water services Toronto bringing in bottled water for your staff to office space for your team to help with customer satisfaction and planning services, it’s important to be set up for all your needs.

Community and a Congregation

Once your building is set up, you can start to bring in the people. Throw events and publicize that you are open. Give back to your community in whatever way you can so they know you are there for them. You can also communicate with the larger church within your denomination to let them know there is another location in the area. Get the word out, and people will start to join your congregation.

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