Surprising Ways to Boost Your Sex Drive

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Sex drive is unique and varies from person to person. There are many factors that can impact sex drives, such as medication, mental health, and physical confidence. Sometimes couples who have been together for some time go through dry spells and need to re-ignite the sexual spark. Luckily there are many things to be tried that are known to improve libido with little effort. Check out these surprising ways to boost your sex drive and bring back the spark back into the bedroom (or any other room). 

Cozy Up With A Horror Movie

On the next Netflix and chill night, cozy up with a horror movie. Feeling scared gets adrenaline pumping which boosts libido. When the sympathetic nervous system is triggered the ensuing fight-or-flight feeling can set off sexual desire. And when cuddled up next to someone to hold on to for every adrenaline-charged moment, it’s easy to find a source of comfort. 

It’s not just horror movies that get the adrenaline going. Any kind of adrenaline-pumping activity can raise the excitement level, so long as there are feelings of fear and excitement that mimic sexual arousal in the brain. 


A challenge for couples who have been together for a while is to keep things exciting. Avoid a stale sex life by spicing things up with role-play. When couples take each other’s presence for granted, sex can quickly fall out of a relationship. Take the time to lock gazes with each other from across the room in public spaces or social gatherings. Pretend it’s the first time to notice each other and embrace the idea of wooing with a look. 

Relive the butterfly feeling of the early days of dating. Ask each other out on a date and dress up for each other. Buy sexy new undergarments to wear, fantasize about stripping down to show off the new attire, and make it happen. Another idea is to re-create a sexy scene from a movie. 

Adventurous couples may find a certain spark in the bedroom by incorporating someone new. California Dolls sells anatomically correct sex dolls online. There are several models of high-quality dolls available at california-dolls.com that couples can discover and enjoy together. 

Get Active 

Regular exercise is known to have many benefits for both mind and body, but it can also give a nice boost to sex drive. Exercise lowers levels of the stress hormone cortisol and stimulates testosterone production which is important to have a strong libido. 

Any form of exercise that increases the feel-good hormones serotonin and dopamine will naturally increase desire. Yoga is excellent for decreasing stress, fatigue, and anxiety, all of which can interfere with libido. The balance, strength, and flexibility that comes from yoga will add more confidence and stamina in the bedroom. 

Natural Boost 

There are a surprising number of natural remedies that can boost sex drive. Maca root, which is easily added to smoothies or taken as a supplement, was originally a natural way to enhance fertility, but it’s also known to improve erectile dysfunction and increase sexual desire. Ginseng is a well-known aphrodisiac known to improve blood flow, decrease erectile dysfunction, help sexual performance, and improve sperm quality. 

CBD is growing in mainstream popularity and is used for its myriad of health benefits. CBD Oil Solutions is an online store with CBD tinctures for sale in a range of strengths. It’s known that CBD can be used as a supplement to help with anxiety, stress, relaxation, sleep, and depression. All of these issues can negatively impact libido, but using CBD can keep the mind and body healthy, happy, and sexually charged.

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