Running Your Own Church: Tips and Tricks

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The church holds a special place in many people’s lives. During hard times you turn to the church for guidance and support. Your congregation can also be a group of people that you want to celebrate your successes with. Those individuals called to ministry are passionate about the word of God and want to share that love with the community around them. If you are someone who feels called to share your ministry, you may be thinking of opening and running your own church.

While running a church is different than a business, there still are plenty of steps to consider before you take on such a big project. You are establishing your church as a place of comfort and respite for people all across your community. Taking on that role of leadership can make a true difference in so many lives. So as you work to create a great church space, here are some tips and tricks to help everything run smoothly and successfully.

Hire great staff and religious leaders.

Your church leaders are the face of your ministry, so you need to be sure you have a great team in place. From pastors to administrators, find a team that is empathetic and excited to share the great story of salvation. Also, feel free to think outside the box. While most religious leaders are male, consider how crossing gender divides can enhance your career. You don’t have to play into the stereotypes. Instead, find the best staff with higher education qualifications and a passion for Bible stories.

Create a church strategy.

While your church will operate slightly differently than a business, there are still business steps you need to take. Be sure you are incorporated correctly and following the correct tax plan. It may help to hire someone whose profession is in helping churches make a plan for success. This is the best way to keep your doors open long-term.

Budget your money effectively.

Most churches operate using a budget of tithes and donations. Be sure you are always using your money wisely. This is an important part of continuing your ministry and keeping God at the center of that story. Budget your income and figure out ways to spread your money to do good work for the Lord.

Get the congregation involved.

The church isn’t just a building, it is a people. As you grow your church, you want to get everyone in the congregation involved in different ways. Whether this is volunteering, joining a bible study, or leading an outreach project, find what fits your congregations’ preference and help them excel in that area. This also involves reaching across the generations. Get kids involved in scripture with The Jesus Storybook Bible that tells God’s wonderful story to young children with fun illustrations. This is the best thing to show your young children the role models throughout the whole Bible and allow them to enjoy the story of God in a fun way.

Stay on top of your product needs.

You do need certain items to keep your church running smoothly. From alter candles to clergy robes to communion elements. While you may not need the whole book on how to serve alcohol responsibly in your business, you’ll still need appropriate wine and wafers to serve communion during your service.

Throw events to engage with the ministry.

Running a church is all about engaging your congregation and the greater community. Throw fun events where everyone can enjoy fellowship together. From a holiday party to a volunteer outing, look for ways you can work together as the body of Christ to spread the good news far and wide.

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