Pool Maintenance Tips for New Owners

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With summer right around the corner, you may be thinking about potentially making a getaway this year to somewhere tropical and relaxing. However, with everything that’s going on and travel being problematic, some folks are opting for a long-term staycation instead. Installing a pool or spa in your backyard is not only a great way to beat the heat, but can become your personal oasis from a long day’s work or a terrific setting for a barbecue or party.

For those of you who are considering constructing a pool or have already installed it ahead of the heat and humidity, here are some tips to keep in mind to maintain pool cleanliness.

Pool Water Chemistry


One of the biggest safety measures new pool owners have to take into account is finding the right chemical balance to keep your water clean, while also making sure swimmers are safe to take a dip. The experts at Olympus Pools, a swimming pool builder in Bradenton FL, can walk through the procedures of proper pool maintenance from the initial concept of the remodel to completed construction as your custom pool builder.

Keeping your water clean and maintaining balanced water pH levels are the cornerstones of pool maintenance. It is recommended that homeowners keep a weekly routine of vacuuming and skimming their pool, while adding cleaner. Shock treatments are considered the best option to prevent a majority of pool problems. A shock treatment is a powdered form of chlorine that is used to clean pool water and adjust the pH balance. They can be used on a weekly basis as the best way to assure cleanliness.

Be sure to test the pH levels of your water, as well as the free available chlorine that’s already in the water. Shock treatments should also be done in the event of the following:

  • Very heavy rains and windstorms
  • More swimmers than usual
  • Foul-smelling water
  • Extreme temperatures and high humidity
  • Swimmers with burning, red eyes
  • Algae growth
  • Murky, slimy water

Pool Machinery


Your filter system is basically the heart of pool and spa equipment, and it is important to keep that heart pumping and healthy. Without a functioning filtration system and proper maintenance, a pool can become a murky and polluted mess. Backwashing can keep your pool filter cleaner by flushing out any debris that may be built up. Through backwashing, water is reversed through the filter out of the waste line and drain.

First, turn off the filter of your new pool and set its valve to ‘backwash’. From there, connect a backwash hose to the waste port, running the hose to a safe waste site. However, some systems have the waste directly connected to a drain so you won’t need a hose.

After that, just turn the filter back on and let it run for a few minutes, then shut the filter off one more time to turn the valve to ‘rinse’. Let that mode run for about 30 seconds to allow water to run through the filter, then turn off the system.

Pool Safety


While a new pool can make your house feel like a home with the right decor, tile, and proper care, it is also important to have safety measures in place from the first time you use your pool or spa. If you have smaller children or pets, opt for gates to surround ladders and access ways to the water to prevent them from potential hazard. Be sure to make sure safety measures are in place throughout the outdoor space from security alarms to cat-friendly houseplants, like African violets or Boston ferns, if you’re a pet owner, as pet-friendly houseplants can prevent a toxic mistake. You’d be surprised to know that succulents, while having beautiful leaves and being easy to care for, can be toxic. Make sure to research your favorite houseplants before buying a bunch to enhance the tropical vibe of your new pool.

Most of all, encourage proper safety practices from your family members and your guests, especially keeping young children in sight at all times. A safe and healthy time in the water doesn’t mean it can’t be an entertaining one!

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