How to Start Your Own Church

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Over the decades, the church has been known to spread love in their communities. The church teaches people about the Christian faith and opens its doors to the helpless and needy. Starting a church has spiritual and physical benefits for both the preacher and the members.

The call of God on you is the first step if you decide to start a church. You might have attended a theological school and probably gained some experience working in a church. Now it’s time to make your dreams of starting your own church a reality. Keep reading to know how to start your church with ease.

1. Decide your niche and audience.


Once you decide to start your church, you should carefully determine your niche. Although the church is obligated to spread Gods’ love, it can’t meet the needs of everyone. Furthermore, every community has diverse kinds of people. So, it’s essential to know who you want to serve. To start, you can quickly discover your niche by examining yourself. What’s more, take time to know your passion and strengths. Once you know all this, you can then draw up your mission statement and decide on your preferred audience.

You might choose to open a vibrant church, or maybe a conservative or contemporary church. Starting a children’s church is another great option. This will be beneficial if you’re drawn to children. If you go for this option, there are lots of amazing resources available to help you start your children’s church. Besides sharing Bible stories, and teaching the children about the lives of familiar Bible characters, you can surf the internet to get lots of resources.

One resource is Cokesbury VBS. This online platform has some beautiful resources for your children’s church. The Cokesbury vacation Bible school invites children on exciting adventures such as the Knights of North’s Castle: Quest for the King’s Armor, which teaches the children how to put on the armor of God.

It goes through Old and New Testament stories of the Bible and puts children in the role of brave knights, where they uncover various protective armor like the breastplate of justice, the belt of truth, the shield of faith, the shoes of peace, and the helmet of salvation. There are other niches you can explore, like the youths or even a family church.

2. Come up with a good marketing strategy.

Although churches are non-profit organizations, you still have to do marketing, which is the best way to draw more members to your church. Therefore, it’s advisable to have a marketing department with years of experience. Their sole aim must be to organize marketing campaigns to draw the attention of people to your church. With good marketing strategies, your church will have a competitive advantage over others.

Your marketing team should also have access to good marketing project management software to make the work easy. With a creative team, you can handle your marketing projects with ease. A digital marketer is also necessary because they’re a professional. They would be able to manage the social media pages of the church. No doubt, the world has gone digital. So, catch up with the trends by using all the available resources to make every process easy.

Get good project management software.

Your startup church would be jumping on several projects to gain visibility. Go beyond using spreadsheets and invest in good project management software tools like Trello, Kanban, Wrike, Asana, etc. These collaboration tools will help you manage and monitor tasks. When you have project plans, you can post them on the project management software dashboard for every team member to access. For example, Trello has a good user experience and helps with time tracking. Once you post projects and set due dates, you and everyone involved can track the progress of every project.

If all the software jargon is too much to handle, you can employ the services of a software developer. This is very beneficial as you’ll be able to discuss all your needs with an experienced professional. They can then deliver the right custom software development solution. Another good idea is to develop a mobile app. As more people use their phones daily, an app would keep your staff and the entire congregation in touch. You’ll have one single place to deliver news and bulletins, and sermons on the go.

3. Get your paperwork done.


As earlier stated, a church is a non-profit organization. Your church, like every business organization, should be registered. After deciding the name of your church, the size, demography, and so on, it’s time to carry out a proper registration.

Registrations are usually subject to the prevailing laws of the community within which your church will function. Therefore, be sure to make appropriate research and inquiries regarding the processes and procedures for registration. This will help qualify you to carry out your church activities. It’s also advisable to hire a lawyer to guide you.

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