How To Save Money on Utilities

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Most American families spend a considerable chunk of their housekeeping budget on utility bills. According to the U.S Energy Department, the average U.S family spends over a thousand dollars on utilities. However, many manufacturers are doing a fantastic job curbing the utility nightmare for modern families.

Energy-efficient manufacturing affords companies a new system to produce with not only peak performance as the priority. The sustainability factor for both businesses and homeowners matters as much. The onus to reduce utility costs now rests on energy users. Here are some tips to save money on utilities.

Check Your Submeters


A utility submeter system enables a landlord or property manager to determine a tenant’s utility usage and bill accordingly. A submeter needs prompt attention if you begin seeing sudden spikes in your utility consumption. No matter how simple a submeter’s issue might be, a professional technician like Flowrite Metering is the best option.

The technicians at Flowrite Metering have years of experience. From a new installation to troubleshooting and maintenance services, they can help assess your situation whether you have a high-tech radiofrequency system or a low-tech manual reading one. If needed, they’ll also install a new meter.

Maintain Your HVAC System

Fixing faulty parts of your AC system doesn’t only guarantee greater comfort. Professional HVAC services could help check any inconsistencies in your energy bill. If you’re looking to contract an HVAC company in your area, a quick Google query could bring out a tall list of options to choose from. If you’re in a large area like Florida, you can zero in on your specific locality. For example, “AC repair in Merritt Island.”

Beyond an excellent job and customer satisfaction, enlisting a professional contractor might also help you identify other HVAC problems like contaminants in your air duct.

Use a Smart Thermostat


Many homeowners are increasingly becoming eco-friendly. A thermostat helps you catch some warmth during the cold season. But it might be wasteful having to activate the heat systems of a whole house with only you in your suite. So instead, a smart thermostat has algorithms that monitor your heating needs in real-time and determine the amount enough to ward off the cold.

What’s even better is the ability to control with connected devices like your mobile phone. That means you may not need to get home, press buttons, and endure the cold some more. Instead, you can activate your thermostat right from work so that you can return to an already heated home.

Monitor Utility Consumption

Energy bills are always going up. And we almost always never catch it early until it starts to break the bank. Worrying over the amount you need to pay might not be the most effective way out. What’s more important is to check the consumption. If your utility providers decide on their service charges, there’s very little you can do to stop them.

But if you check your consumption month-in month-out, it’ll be easier to determine what you can control and what to leave up to the providers and technicians. You can invest in a usage monitor that provides the KWH efficiency of some appliances and how they change over time. Your usage monitor is a great place to check which devices need fixing.

Double Glaze Your Windows


Double glazed windows insulate your home efficiently, keeping the heat always trapped in. The more your windows let in cold air, the more heat you’ll need to keep the room warm. Double glazing your windows helps to seal off any leaks you might not notice. According to experts, doubles glazed windows compared to single layers can reduce heat loss up to about 30%.

Replace Old Appliances

Old appliances can increase your energy bills as much as your wasteful habits. There’s no specific duration to replace appliances. To each, their shelf life. It always pays to have your warranties and insurance terms close by. Shopping all appliances from a credible retailer can also help the replacement process. Some appliance retailers may offer cash for products that have entirely outlived their functionality.

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