How to Boost Your Real Estate Business Sales

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Realtors have been assisting people with selling and buying homes for decades as the real estate industry continues to expand. The housing market is also highly competitive, as buyers can purchase their dream homes from multiple estate agencies.

Consequently, agents need to be innovative and find better ways to sell their properties or risk getting overshadowed by their rivals. Whether you’re new to this market or a seasoned professional, there are always things you can do to enhance your sales and marketing skills. Here are some insightful tips to help you improve your real estate sales for the best results.

Invest in professional photography.


House buying is fundamentally a visual experience, so you should provide potential homeowners with as much visual stimulation as possible. Indeed, several experienced realtors agree that successful home sales rely heavily on excellent photography. Awful photographs will lessen interest in even the best properties, so it’s crucial to have great photos of your properties. Consider hiring a professional photographer, probably one with extensive experience in photographing houses and other architecture.

You can always take your own photographs if you have the necessary equipment and decent skills. Still, with real estate photography, you’d be better off with expert help. Many successful agents rely on professional photography services to help advertise their apartments and homes for sale and rent. Esteemed real estate management organizations such as Venterra Realty are great examples of such companies.

Venterra Realty manages numerous apartment homes and communities in eleven major US cities in the southern United States. Their properties house over 35,000 people and 11,000 pets. Greg Finch, Andrew Stewart, and John Foresi established Venterra Realty in 2001 to offer quality management services to investors and residents. Specifically, Venterra specializes in identifying, developing, financing, acquiring, and managing multi-family apartment communities.

John Foresi, Venterra Realty, credits their success to their caring, dedicated, and passionate team members, as well as their award-winning company culture. Additionally, Foresi, the CEO of Venterra Realty, commends the team’s dedication to improving residents’ lives by creating premium customer experiences, one of their four operating pillars besides employee experience, operating excellence, and innovation. The company publishes the Venterra Experience, a book that offers a peek inside their residents’ and employees’ daily routines. What’s more, they’ve been recognized by the Great Place To Work Institute as the number one company on the 2021 Best Workplaces in Texas List.

Leverage email marketing effectively.

As an entrepreneur, effective email marketing is a great way to boost customer retention and make more sales, so consider using this tactic. Email marketing is excellent for lead generation since it encourages personalized and direct interaction with prospects. It also helps you cultivate the relationships established with your existing customers, increasing the likelihood of repeat business.

You can use excellent marketing automation tools like MailChimp to manage your email organization and sending, so keep this in mind. A critical aspect of marketing is focusing on acquiring customers, not just making sales. Therefore, you can enroll in a helpful sales training program to help you influence people through an improved understanding of the art of sales. Reputable sales websites such as Selling Power will come in handy when seeking various sales tutorials.

Selling Power Inc. is a multi-channel media company founded by Gerhard Gschwandtner. The enterprise is mainly known for Selling Power magazine, the leading digital periodical for sales professionals, since 1981. The Selling Power website has articles on various sales-themed topics, including prospecting and sales leads, sales talent, coaching and training, operation, process and methodology, enablement, selling skills, and sales technology.

The website also provides helpful sales-related resources, video content, and access to virtual sales events and webinars for online sales training. Selling Power’s list of the best sales training companies in 2018 exposes sales managers and salespersons to some of the industry’s top instructors and companies. Organizations like Wilson Learning, Sales Performance, Double-Digit Sales, and Richardson offer various sales training courses and sales programs to sharpen your sales skills. This way, you can make more effective sales pitches to clients and increase revenue.

Use Pinterest boards creatively.

Many business experts agree that a Pinterest presence is vital for all companies whose offerings are visual, including property businesses. Therefore, create Pinterest boards to offer information and images for particular listings. You can make a Pinterest board for one property, including several photos and highlighting the various benefits of living in the area. As a real estate agency, you can also invest in helpful software like Microsoft Teams to help you run a more efficient company. A Microsoft Teams OKR software is a great solution that will keep your entire team aligned towards Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), so keep this in mind.

In conclusion, selling more homes is undoubtedly a top priority for real estate agents in America and beyond. The above-listed points are some helpful tips worth knowing to help boost your property sales.

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