Cowboy Party Ideas: How to throw a Western-Themed Party

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Whether you are looking to entertain a house full of children or a house full of adults, opting for a themed party rather than simply throwing traditional party elements together can result in a more memorable event. One of the common party themes that you may come across is a western theme, which can be taken in several directions depending upon your guest list, and what you are looking to accomplish. If you have your heart set on a wild west event, here are some ideas that will help you throw your western-themed party!

Rent Out Rides and Decorations That Set the Scene

While you will almost always be able to find or create smaller decorations closer to your actual event date, trying to get your hands on larger props can prove difficult. This is why it is essential that you take care of these major projects first. In regard to rides and other activities, you can easily look for a mechanical bull rental or find a wild west shooting game that you and your guests can play. Having activities available at the party will make sure that your guests can continue enjoying the party long after everyone has already socialized.

When it comes to some of the larger decorations, you may want to consider picking up western furniture such as tables and stools that look like they came right out of a saloon, creating some fun picture scenes for your guests by having a jail or having some hay decorations with a western background. You can even have guests share their snaps to your local private cloud and then share photos online privately with your friends and partygoers later. This way, you can all enjoy the memorable moments created at the event.

Additionally, you can set up drink and food areas that have characters or are decorated to look like they’ve come from a western town. The opportunities are endless!

Focus on the Smaller Details

Once you’ve taken care of the larger decorations, it’s time to move onto the smaller details that will help to bring your party together and make your guests feel as though they are truly experiencing life as a cowboy. What would this look like? Well, you can build upon your existing decorations by throwing in important elements such as small succulents, aged wood, or cowboy boots, and other things like ropes and haystacks. Other decorations like wanted posters (which can feature the person having the birthday if there is one) and lassos make great additions as well. Don’t be afraid to really sell the party by making your environment look like the wild wild west.

Planning the Entertainment and Food

Although not every party is going to feature a live country band, figuring out what kind of entertainment you are going to have at your party is important. Entertainment is what keeps the energy of your party thriving as it continues on. This can be as simple as playing a western playlist from your own speakers or hiring a DJ who can do all of that for you. Along with entertainment, you are going to want to figure out what your menu is going to look like for the party. More often than not, western-themed parties will feature a variety of barbequed favorites such as chicken, corn on the cob, burgers, or ribs, just to name a few of the main dishes. For snacks, you could also set up chips and salsa or wings to keep your guests satisfied before the other food is ready. Good food is always one of the most memorable parts of a party.

Thinking of party ideas on your own can be difficult, especially when you have a specific theme in mind and no idea how to put it together. If you are set on throwing a western-themed party but don’t know where to begin, use the ideas listed above to get your party started!

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