A Guide to Revamping Your Wardrobe for College

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Back-to-school shopping isn’t just about binders and pens. It’s also about building a closet that really represents who you are and who you want to become. If you’re a high school student heading toward the end of your senior year, one of the things on your college checklist might be switching up your wardrobe.

Maybe you’re looking to incorporate better pieces to feel more like an adult, or maybe you want people to take you more seriously now that you’re getting older. Perhaps your career involves having professional clothing items and you want to start wearing more pieces that fit into business attire. Maybe you just want to feel like the most authentic version of yourself now that you’re not subjected to strict dress codes. Whatever the reason, you should wear what you feel best in and what you love most! Here’s a guide to revamping your high school wardrobe to get ready for college.

Make sure you have weather-appropriate clothing.


If you’ve never experienced a colder climate and you’re moving to a place that actually experiences seasons, you can’t get away with wearing a floral dress with a V-neckline all year round. You need to dress warmly with long sleeves, thermals, jackets, and coats that are appropriate for lower temperatures. You’ll also need blouses and skirts when it gets warmer again. Either way, you need to anticipate the changes in weather throughout the semester. In college, you’ll have to walk from one building to another. Most of the time, your classes won’t be in the same part of campus, especially in the first two years of school. So, make sure you’re well prepared!

Liven up your closet with floral tops.


Floral prints in your wardrobe really liven up your choices. While it might be tempting to reach for the same hoodie and leggings to stay comfortable, you might want to switch things up once in a while. Looking your best really helps you feel your best! Naudic’s floral tops are a necessity in anyone’s wardrobe. Floral patterns really add to any boring outfit by creating visual interest, and they also really help you step up your boho vibes. Plus, Naudic has floral tops that can be worn in spring, summer, winter, or fall. Floral blouses and patterns don’t have to be limited to springtime! It all depends on how you choose to style them.

Ditch all the high school apparel and start repping college gear.


It’s time! Sure, you might want to keep your high school clothes as memorabilia, but there’s no need to bring them to college when you have a limited amount of closet space. Plus, having college apparel makes it easy to get dressed in the morning. It’s great for those days where you don’t really know what to wear or you only have one class for the day.

Pack your essentials first.


It’s tempting to take as many cute clothing options with you in case there are events to attend. But when you pack, you should always start with the essentials. Pack up your base layers and your most-worn jeans first. Then, you can move on to more fun clothing items from there. You can always shop for trendier pieces throughout the rest of the semester.

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Once you get into your dream school, ditch your high school wardrobe and revamp your closet. Make sure that your fashion choices reflect who you are. Nothing says independence quite like having your own unique style!

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