6 Productive Things to Do at Home During Self-Isolation

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During this unexpected time of self-isolation, the novelty of no school and not rushing off to work is quickly wearing off. Time at home is nice, but under the current circumstances, it probably makes sense for mind and spirit to embrace newfound free time with a positive attitude and focus on productivity.

Reach Out Remotely

One of the worst things that can result from self-isolation is the feeling of being alone. Physical isolation need not mean that you are completely cut off from the world around in spite of practicing social distancing. Luckily, we live in a world of electronic devices that enable 24/7 connection for information and social contact. Scheduling regular times to engage in video chats with co-workers and fellow classmates will not only make work projects more productive by sharing thoughts and ideas, but the interaction will increase a sense of togetherness. Stay connected with friends and loved ones via phone and facetime conversations.

Embrace Teletherapy to Stay Emotionally Strong

If you are beginning to feel overwhelmed by the self-isolation, know that there are resources available for online therapy and emotional support. Fortunately, geography is not a limiting factor in accessing mental health professionals with the internet. According to the Therapy Group of DC, “We’re all coming to terms with what is happening while being bathed in a sense of evolving uncertainty.” The need for support is changing the methods and this group’s virtual therapy in DC is an example of how to access a counselor during this stressful time. Family therapy may also be needed with everyone stuck together under one roof to work out boundaries.

Develop More Productive Work Habits

Even though 70% of individuals work out of the office at least one day a week, the sudden shift to homebound remote work is quite an adjustment for all. However, taking a positive approach, this can prove to increase relations and productivity with co-workers. Opt for FaceTime communication rather than emails when possible. Increase colleague interaction by coordinating your work schedules and plan specific one-on-one times with your team.

More connectedness with your co-workers will also increase socialization with one another and do wonders to keep everyone’s spirits up, especially for those individuals who may feel particularly isolated during this time.

Indulge in Free Online Platforms

With all the new-found time, why not consider some new online entertainment platforms. Most online service companies require payment or a subscription in order to access their content before you can view it. Thanks to www.freetrials.com, it is now possible to try things before you pay. Currently the only free trial aggregator on the web, they have partnered with great companies with an incredible wealth of free trials to explore that continue to hit the market each day. This is a great way to enjoy family bonding time, exploring new and fun content!

Keep Moving

While staying home, you might be tempted to lounge about more than usual, so it’s vital to keep yourself moving. Being physically active often leads to more energy and can help lower levels of stress that you may be feeling during this unusual time with all the unsettling news hitting from all angles.

If you are stuck inside, go up and down the steps whenever possible or grab those free weights and follow a simple routine on one of the many health and fitness sites, many of which offer a free trial of their offerings. Exercise also increases antibody production by as much as 300 percent, giving your immune system a boost. Keeping your body active brings a general sense of well-being and may also reduce depression and feelings of anxiety.

Begin Sprucing Up Your Yard

For fresh air and connecting with Mother Earth, get a jump on planting season by getting rid of weeds, raking up twigs, leaves, and any other unsightly debris. And don’t forget to hose off furniture, decks, and siding. Not only will your exterior surroundings look better, but you’ll do your body and mind some good being out of the house.

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