5 Tips for an Effective Personal Cleanse

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Considering the fast-paced nature of our lives today, it’s no wonder that our minds and bodies are constantly on overdrive, working to process our emotions, thoughts, and the food and drink that we consume. With these and other distractions going on, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Bearing this in mind, try these five simple tips to help you rid your life of self-defeating thoughts, poor coping skills, and unhelpful habits.

1. Seek help if you’re living with an alcohol use disorder.


Living with a substance use disorder, like an addiction to alcohol, is difficult, and although there is no determined cause of these disorders, experts link factors like genetics and socioeconomics as some of the factors that may predispose some people to alcohol use disorder or a substance use disorder.

Getting help for a substance use disorder is crucial to your recovery, and if you’re looking for a substance use treatment center, you may want to consider luxury rehab. Luxury rehab is a type of inpatient substance abuse treatment program that is offered in a resort-style setting.

In a luxury rehab center like The Hope House, you’ll receive personalized treatment from trained health care providers. In this luxury environment, you’ll also receive a dual-diagnosis treatment for mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder.

2. Make your sleep quality a priority.


Insomnia and other sleep disorders affect thousands of women going through menopause each day. Some symptoms of menopause include night sweats, mood swings, hot flashes, in addition to sleep disturbances. If this isn’t bad enough, new studies show that most women undergoing a menopause transition also report waking up during the night due to night sweats (discomfort from hot flashes).

For better sleep that’ll have you feeling rejuvenated the next morning, try using a sleep aid for women. During menopause, your hormones are fluctuating due to the depleted levels of estrogen. The hormonal imbalance caused by these fluctuations and depletions is what is responsible for insomnia, troubled sleep, and other memory problems.

Understanding this, MenoLabs’ Well Rested melatonin supplements have been specifically formulated to make it easier for women to improve their quality of sleep. This natural sleep remedy also helps to relax the muscles and lower your blood pressure, all to create a steady heart rate and prepare your body for bedtime. Remember to consult your primary care doctor before trying a new supplement.

3. Make better financial choices.


Money isn’t just a thing to be made and then spent—it’s a vital resource. Consider this for a second: you work X amount of hours a week, and money is often the exchange of value for this energy and effort, right? Now, look at your bank statements and consider how you’re utilizing this resource.

If money is a consistent source of worry for you and you feel like you never have enough of it, reconsider the things that you send your money on. Start small, order out less, try to buy water or coffee in bulk, and carve out certain days in the week when you won’t spend any cash.

Monitor these changes over the course of a two-week period and then from the money that you do save, use that to invest in yourself. For instance, join a gym, take an online class, or simply add the money into your savings account. Keep at this and see how you feel in a month.

4. Consider the quality of your relationships.


Conducting a relationship audit is a great way to identify the relationships that are worth nurturing and those that need to be let go. This is also an excellent way of identifying the gaps in these relationships and becoming more intentional about them.

An easy way to do this is by making a list of the people in your life. Include everyone from relatives, friends, coworkers, your partner, and more, and think about how being with each person makes you feel. Some guiding questions for this part can be: “Do I feel better or worse about myself when I’m in their company?” Only surround yourself with people who bring you joy, show you love, and leave you feeling recharged, not depleted. Some unavoidable people like a co-worker or belligerent boss may not fall into this category, but you can give them less energy.

5. Learn how to be silent.


When’s the last time you actually did nothing, in the presence of silence? Sitting in silence is a great way to declutter your mind and you should try it. Find a comfortable spot on your couch, switch off your phone and just sit. Spend the next few minutes taking in every scent and sound in your home. This can also be a great time to journal or meditate.

Chances are, the more uncomfortable you are with silence, the more you probably need it. Practice silence today and see what you notice.

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