3 Ways To Advertise Your Club or Sports Team

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Advertising a cause, club, sports team, business, or any type of messaging you like has never been easier. Between the use of social media platforms, word-of-mouth advertising, and creative options like mobile advertising, it’s relatively easy to advertise any sports team or club. If you’re hoping to get the word out about a program or athletic team you run, read on for just a few ways to market it.

1. Building Feeder Programs


If you lead or coach a sports club or team, you likely already know the importance of strong feeder programs like Soccer Buddies to keep kids skilled and interested in a sport throughout their childhoods. If you live in an area without a feeder program, the best form of marketing you can do now is to get one started. By getting children and their families invested in a sport early on, you’ll strengthen your program for the future.

2. Mobile Advertising


Even clubs or teams with the best feeder programs can always use a boost when it comes to creative marketing. Many teams are making great use of advertising through car wraps in Dallas, TX where team logos or feeder programs are advertised on vehicles. If you’re hoping to get the word out about your club or team, consider approaching town or school officials and seeing if they’d be willing to advertise on their vehicles.

If a car wrap is out of the question, for now, another way to use a vehicle for advertising is through the purchase of car magnets. Easily removed, asking parents and friends of your program to put bumper stickers or magnets on their vehicles could be a great way to advertise at a low cost.

3. Social Media


Like it or not, there is no better way to advertise in 2021 than through social media. Research shows that digital marketing through newsletters and social media is the best way to get the word out about any club, team, or cause. Regardless of what kind of business, team, or club you’re in charge of, and whether you order custom wraps for your vehicles, few things will be as powerful as a strong social media presence.

Take a look at the major platforms and consider ways you could attract and keep attention. In many cases, you may even be able to use social media for word-of-mouth advertising, too. For example, maybe you’re starting a new soccer program in your town. Going to an established Facebook group and letting people know about your plan could be a fantastic way to generate interest for your club or team. Likewise, starting a blog, making pages and groups for your team, and posting about free clinics, try-outs, games, and more could be a good way to reach your target audience.

Consider talking to local school and town officials about using their social media platforms to help you advertise, too. Before you know it, you’ll be off and running and won’t need the extra help. When in doubt, consider ways you could get those same town leaders involved. The more invested they are, the more likely they’ll be to help you out.

In the end, technology has made it so we’re all far more connected than ever before. If you’re hoping to get the word out about your club or team, taking a step back to look at your options is a great first step. In developing your message, what you hope to tell people about your club, and finding the right platforms and opportunities to reach your target audience, you’ll be in a great position to build your team or club. Best of luck in getting the word out about your team. Have a fantastic season!

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