What Is a Stock Broker?

What Is a Stock Broker?

Before we talk about the profession of stock broker, it seems better to talk about stock first. Well, basically, stock is something which is used to be the way how a big business can get some financing by selling its owning rights to the third party.

You can imagine the stock as a kind of legal letter which says that you have some percentage of the company. Thus, if the company gains some profits, you will also get some profit share as much as the amount of the stock that you have. Indeed, for the people who have big amount of money, to invest their money in the form of stock can be a great alternative which can help them earn more money as long as they have chosen the right company and purchased the proper stock.

Stock Broker

Then, what is a broker in the field of stock trading and market?

The job description of the brokeris actually really simple. It can be divided into two major things. The first is to seek for the people or companies that want to offer the stock to the market and the second is to market or offer the stock to the market. How the broker can earn the salaries? Whenever the stock is sold in certain amount, the broker will surely get some profit share as well as their stock broker salary.

Therefore, it is really normal for the broker to seek for the popular stock since it can give them better chance to earn greater amount of salaries. By considering the things that have been stated before, you might think that all people can be the broker in stock trading. Well, is it true?

Of course, it is not. Someone needs to deal with career education which is related to this field in order to make sure that they can get the great salaries. Although the job description mentioned before might sound easy but the reality is not that simple.

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